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Tiny changes can have huge consequences.


'We all have the power to make a

lasting impact on those around us.'



Phase 1: The dress and cloak

KITS will be available to MEMBERS from 18th March 2024.

To be completed and returned by 18th July 2024.

(Ex-members will be eligible to apply)

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Phase 2: The Butterflies and Flowers

This will be an ongoing project for individuals, groups, members and non-members  MAY 2024 - MAY 2025

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Phase 3: The Entangled Bank

Kits will be available online to members and NON-MEMBERS from 15th May 2024. To be completed and returned by 18th November 2024

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Scarborough ART 2024 (

An exhibition representing the project, workshops and the opportunity to purchase kits or make donations will be held as part of SCARBOROUGH FAIR  15th June - 4th August at Untangled Threads Gallery in Scarborough. Full details of opening times to be announced.


It is hoped that the completed project, associated catalogue and literature will be available for exhibition from mid 2025 onwards.


We aim to create a 3D installation artwork representing The Butterfly Effect. The installation will be in 3 sections and created in 3 separate phases:

  1. The dress and cloak 

  2. The Butterflies and flowers

  3. The 'Entangled Bank'


  • to raise funds for mental health charities

  • to raise awareness of environmental concerns

  • to promote Mindful Stitching

  • to promote group support

  • to encourage lifelong learning

  • to offer a safe space where everyone is valued equally


  • The work and philosophy of Friedensreich Hunderwasser

  • The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin

  • Farbstudie Quadrate by Wassily Kandinsky

  • Chaos Theory and The Lorenz Effect

  • The Red Dress Project



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The Butterfly Effect Leaflets

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butterfly small leaflet a.png
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