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16th July 2019

The Stitchbook Project

£1 from the sale of EVERY Stitchbook Project Kit will be donated to MIND

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to 02/04/2020

The Stitchbook Project

by Helen Birmingham


The Stitchbook  Project Workshops

The Stitchbook Project is a series of unique ART TEXTILE WORKSHOPS

which aim to encourage your own exploration into the emotional and tactile nature of hand-stitching.

Allow yourself time to experience the meditative and relaxing qualities of sewing and textiles.

Workshops: in your own time and in your own workspace.

Each kit is sent to you by post, and contains ALL the materials

and instructions you need, together with access to an

exclusive online video workshop presented by

Helen Birmingham.

Accessories: extra pages, materials, bags and special purchases.

Not essential but might be just what you are after.....


The Workshops build, month on month, into your own

UNIQUE STITCHBOOK. Extra pages and pre-bound

Stitchbooks are available from the SHOP. Each page

is designed as a 'pocket' to keep notes and loose items 

safe. Instructions for binding and making covers for your

Stitchbook can be found in VIDEOS.

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Available     WORKSHOP

04/09/19     Textural Stitching

02/10/19      Pleats and Edges

06/11/19      Staining Fabric

04/12/19      Joomchi

08/01/20      Gel Plate Printing

05/02/10      Simple Image Transfer

04/03/20      Visible Darning

08/04/20      Tyvek

06/05/20      Kunin Felt

03/06/20      Couching

08/07/20      Faux Chenille

05/08/20      Basic Weaving



50 copies *

of each kit will be available

each month

£30.00 each

(including P&P)

* In addition to 150 fully subscribed members of The Stitchbook Collective.

© 2015 by Helen Birmingham