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The group is here to support and encourage everyone.

We have nearly 150 members with enormously varying levels of expertise .. remember to share knowledge and ideas generously, and BE KIIND. The archive of techniques is permanently available to you when you want to try something new, and the monthly workshops and magazines are there as inspiration and encouragement.

'I enjoy the way you deliver your workshops in inclusive ways with honesty, gentle humour and warmth.'

' Your course provides a window into the world of other 'stitch addicts' and helps to support MIND too, which is great.'

'The Sitchbook Collective provides, inspiration, knowledge, motivation, acknowledgment, challenge, acceptance and a sense of belonging for me.  Long may it continue.'


for only
a month

What you will get ...

  • New Workshop every month

  • Access to workshop video archive

  • The Stitchbook MAGAZINE

  • 10% discount in online Shop

  • Exhibition opportunities

  • Fundraising opportunities

  • Members Only Website

Each month
£1 from every subscription is donated to MIND

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