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The Stitchbook Project 

The Stitchbook Project began life the 'end of course exhibition' of work by members of a newly formed group called 'The Stitchbook Collective'  but when lockdown struck in 2020, the work seemed to take on a special importance, and became a lifeline for many of our members.

"Quiet the voice telling you to do more

and be more, and today, whatever you do,

let it be enough."

It was agreed that the Stitchbooks needed to come together in the same way at the sawdust hearts had the previous year ...

"When the 1,568 Sawdust Hearts were displayed together, I think you could appreciate that, although each one was a totally unique piece of work in itself, the joy and impact of the exhibition was that each one was an integral part of a whole concept. Each heart was given a regimented, identical amount of space, rgardless of any alterations or additions.

It is my intention that the Stitchbooks will be displayed in a similar fashion ...

  • No one will take precedence.

  • No one will be given special treatment.

  • No one will be judged.

  • This will not be an exhibition of ego.

  • This will be an exhibition showing the potential of collective, supportive experience.

  • It will be an exhibition of the power of positivity and the value of creativity.

  • The WHOLE exhibition is ONE OUTCOME."



2021-02-24 221834-143980.JPG
2021-03-10 134000-3478706.JPG
2021-03-10 123219-3075370.JPG
2021-03-10 133553-3769823.JPG
2021-02-24 150256-2781533.JPG
2021-02-24 150230-2466918.JPG
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