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Primordial Soup is the result of another GROUP project by The Stitchbook Collective, in that each small section was created by a member of the group, BUT in this instance it's design and construction was part of Helen Birmngham's DNA-inspired work.

It was an important part of the work that the concept of Locard's Principle was at work ... that we leave a trace of ourselves on everything which we touch. This piece of work therefore contains a fingerprint of the group. 

The other two ideas which are explored in this piece are Homophily (the tendency to form friendship networks with people of similar occupations, interests and habits), and also the science of basic genetics where the letters C, G, A & T represent the nucleotides which pair to form the structure of DNA.

This piece of work was created for display at the Festival of Quilts at NEC . The PDF catalogue below shows the process of its making.

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