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The 3 artworks on display in this exhibition were designed and constructed by Helen Birmingham.  All the individual elements were made by members of The Stitchbook Collective under Helen's guidance and tuition. The collective has over 200 members based all over the country, and we work together via a members only website and a printed monthly magazine called The Stitchbook. Threads, fabrics and instructions for our projects are distributed and returned via the post.



DNA spiral 2 (1).jpg

DNA spiral

3D soft sculpture made from pipe insulation, merino wool and wire

Approx 12m x 50cm

primordial-soup 1 (2).jpg

Primordial Soup

Wall hanging/quilt made from recycled blanket and sari silk

1.5m x 2m


Boro-inspired Kimono

Kimono made from recycled denim, farming-grade hessian, silk and recycled yarn.  1.5m x 2m

Click here to go to Helen's DNA Project BLOG

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