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This was the first  single outcome which we worked on as a group. The idea came from one of our workshops called  'Rag Textiles', where we looked at Textile Thrift and Recycling, which included the origins of patchwork quilting.

In order to create a cohesive outcome, each member was sent a kit with hessian, denim, linen and wool thread and instructions. Each square was then returned to Helen, and she stitched them together into the Kimono form which you can see in the exhibition.

The Kimono was raffled at The Knitting & Stitching Show in Harrogate, and raised a total of £2,375.14 for MIND.

The winner of the Kimono raffle very kindly donated it back to The Stitchbook Collective, so that we could continue to use it for fundraising exhibitions.


Overtime, the hessian has begun to disintegrate (this was intentional). It is made from farming grade hessian, and mending and darning becomes part of the overall look of the work.

The PDF leaflet below, shows the project in detail.

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