Tyvek: Heat Distressing

Wednesday 27th July

Friday12th August

Wednesday 7th September

Friday 28th October

1.00pm - 3.30pm


  • Tyvek is a spun bonded fabric which can be coloured using printing inks or acrylics.

  • Ideal for mixed media & textiles

  • Bubbles and distorts when heated

  • Can be encouraged to change form into 3D shapes

  • Tyvek can be stitched, burnt or melted

  • Very strong - cannot tear

  • Ideal for textured surfaces or even beadmaking


       This workshop covers:


  • Colouring Tyvek with a variety of mediums

  • Heat distressing with an iron

  • Heat distressing with a heatgun

  • Beading and stitching Tyvek




Maximum of 6 participants per workshop.




Cost: £25 includes all materials and tuition,

PLUS refreshments, all tuition notes, equipment and design resources

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