Rolled Paper Beads

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Rolled Paper Beads


Friday 19th August

Wednesday 9th November

1.00pm - 3.30pm


  • Making paper beads is a great way to recycle junk mail, newspapers, or magazines.

  • Paper beads are inexpensive, attractive, and can be used in a multitude of projects.

  • Surprisingly robust once varnished.

  • Making paper beads is a traditional craft that goes back as far as the Victorian age.

  • Add 'charm cores'.

  • Multicoloured or monochrome


       This workshop covers:


  • Selecting suitable papers

  • How to make different bead shapes

  • Basic cutting pattern

  • Basic rolling techniques

  • Adding charm core

  • Varnishing, faux enamelling and finishing beads




  • WARNING - Paper Bead rolling is highly addictive!



Maximum of 6 participants per workshop.




Cost: £25 includes all materials and tuition,

PLUS refreshments, all tuition notes, equipment and design resources