You will receive a receipt for the deposit, your membership card,  FULL instructions for how to set up your STANDING ORDER and your FREE emery bag magnet will be sent to you in the post. Your Membership Number will be the REFERENCE for your standing order. The balance for the course will be payable by standing order (a further 11 months at £25.00 per month, your deposit pays for the 12th kit). You will automatically receive a monthly workshop kit (with ALL necessary materials and instructions) delivered to your home address by post. This unique set of 12 workshops will build month-on-month into your own comprehensive fabric Stitchbook of Mixed Media Textiles samples and instructions.


Susbcription to The Stitchbook Project is limited to 150 participants and gives automatic membership to The Stitchbook Collective. It is a collaborative teaching and exhibiting Group.  Members of The Stitchbook Collective will be invited to exhibit a selection of their work at The Knitting & Stitching Show in Harrogate in November 2020 to raise funds and awareness for MIND's Creative Therapies Fund. Members will have access to an online disucssion FORUM and the opportunity to share their work with other members. 




SUBSCRIPTION to The Stitchbook Project/Collective

  • May 2019 DEPOSIT of £25.00 payable by Credit Card or Paypal

    1 Sep 2019 £25.00

    1 Oct 2019 £25.00

    1 Nov 2019 £25.00

    1 Dec 2019 £25.00

    1 Jan 2020 £25.00

    1 Feb 2020 £25.00

    1 Mar 2020 £25.00

    1 Apr 2020 £25.00

    1 May 2020 £25.00

    1 Jun 2020 £25.00

    1 Jul 2020 £25.00

    1 Aug 2020 £00.00 (deposit covers)


  • September: Textural Stitching

    October: Pleats and Edges

    November: Staining Fabrics

    December: Joomchi

    January: Gel Plate Printing

    February: Simple Image Transfer

    March: Visible Darning

    April: Tyvek

    May: Kunin Felt

    June: Couching

    July: Faux Chenille

    August: Weaving

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