Chindi Rags: 20cm x 20cm  (opens into over 40 pieces of mixed fabric 20cm x 3cm)

In India the most common meaning for chindi is 'torn cloth'. Chindi rags are a waste byproduct from the textile industry. (Colours and patterns vary.)


Chindi is a wonderful resource for slow stitching and rag textile work.

You will need to unpick the rags and iron them flat. There is often really exciting and suprising patterns inside the rolls. 


There are three different assortments:


1)    Pink      (multi coloured rags dipped into very light pink dye to unify)

2)   Green   (multi coloured rags dipped into very light green dye to unify)

3)   Blue       (multi coloured rags dipped into very light blue dye to unify)


(PLEASE NOTE: this does NOT mean that the rags will actually be pink, green or blue!  See photographs).  These rags are recycled sari fabric from Jaipur. They may contain: georgette, silk, chiffon, cotton or polyester.

Chindi Rags