This is the 5th of 6 workshops for THE STITCHBOOK COLLECTIVE Year 1 2021


With this Stainging & Dyeing Kit you will:


· Take a look at basic colour theory.

· Learn about Procion MX Dye and methods of application.

· Learn how to use rusted metal and vinegar to stain fabric.





05/06 Collective Workshop Kit - Staining & Dyeing

  • 1g Procion MX Lemon Yellow

    1g Procion MX Cerulean Blue

    1g Procion MX Vibrant Magenta

    For ease of use I have pre-mixed each of the dye

     powders with 4g soda (sodium carbonate

    (soda /ash/alkali)

    125g sodium chloride (salt)

    Plastic tubing

    2 recycled plastic bags

    2 bag ties

    2 small elastic bands

    Labels for jars

    2 pairs of latex-free gloves

    Sample rusty metal piece

    Rusty wire


    Poly-cotton sheeting


  • £1.00 from the sale of EVERY Stitchbook Project Kit will be donated by Untangled Threads to MIND's Creative Therapies Fund.