This is the 4th of 6 workshops for THE STITCHBOOK COLLECTIVE Year 1 2021


With this Couching Kit you will:


1. Learn how to form lettering and patterns using couched threads and wools.

2. Work a small sampler of stem stitch and laid wool work based on the techniques used in Bayeux Tapestry.




04/06 Collective Workshop Kit - COUCHING

  • Backing calico (13x20cm)

    Muslin (13x20cm)

    Various yarns and threads

    Chenille needles (size 16 and 20)

    Primary needle (size 1)

    Printed alphabet and words


    Backing calico (13x20m)

    Open weave fabric (13x18cm)

    Mixed wool samples

    DMC thread (black)




  • £1.00 from the sale of EVERY Stitchbook Project Kit will be donated by Untangled Threads to MIND's Creative Therapies Fund.