This is the 3rd of 6 workshops for THE STITCHBOOK COLLECTIVE Year 1 2021


From the STITCH & SLASH workshop you will:


1. Create samples of Faux Chenille, Stitch & Slash and  Fabric Manipulation (with hand or machine stitching)

2. Explore the design possibilities of using freestyle stitch and slash samples to create larger pieces of fabric.



03/06 Collective Workshop Kit -STITCH & SLASH

  • Various pieces of fabric

    DMC 6 strand-thread

    Short darning needle (size 5)

    Wire brush (brass) 12cm handle

    Seam /Stitch Ripper


    Fabric scraps



  • £1.00 from the sale of EVERY Stitchbook Project Kit will be donated by Untangled Threads to MIND's Creative Therapies Fund.