Polymer Clay Beads

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Polymer Clay Beads

Wednesday 22nd June

Friday 4th November

Wednesday 23rd November

1.00pm - 3.30pm


  • Polymer clay is an oven-hardened modelling clay.

  • Available in a wide variety of colours.

  • Easy and clean to use.

  • No specialist equipment required.

  • Oven-hardens within 20-40 mins



       This workshop covers:


  • Conditioning, softening and finishing polymer clay

  • Basic technique  for bead rolling, including using ultra-light clay for the core of beads.

  • Making clay canes

  • Slicing and arranging cane segments

  • Making successful holes for threading

  • Oven hardening

  • Threading and stringing beads 

  • Inserting charm cores



In this workshop you will make several batches of beads, using the sliced cane method of applying the surface. Learn how to produce beads of a regular size and weight, and learn how to make beading holes without deforming the shape of the bead.  .


Maximum of 6 participants per workshop.




Cost: £25 includes all materials and tuition,

PLUS refreshments, all tuition notes, equipment and design resources

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