COME & VISIT  Untangled Threads & The Stitchbook Collective 
18th - 21st November 2021
Harrogate Conference Centre


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The Stitchbook Collective, run by Untangled Threads, was formed as a result of interest in the enormously successful 1,568 Sawdust Hearts Project in 2018.  The members have a shared interest in hand stitching for good mental health, lifelong learning and in forming personal connections with support groups and discussion.  We raise much needed funds for the mental health charity MIND.  On our stand you can see the extraordinary result of the 2019/20 Stitchbook Project which, during unprecedentedly difficult times, kept us close as a group and has already raised £4,888 for MIND.  

The exhibit consists of nearly 100 individual stitchbooks, which were made over the course of 12 monthly workshops and online videos, with materials provided by post each month.  As you will see, the results are breath-taking and inspiring! The main focus of this work was on how slow-stitching can provide a real sense of accomplishment – even if it is just a few stitches a day. ‘No matter how slowly and to what standard, the process of adding to my stitchbook every day, gave me a sense of development and achievement during these really difficult times.’   

On the stand, we are also offering an opportunity to WIN a unique Boro-inspired KIMONO, handmade by our members in 2021, which highlights the global need for ‘mottainai’ and ‘textile thrift’. The kimono is the result of a workshop that looked at the influence of rural Japanese textile production on western craft. Raffle tickets are on sale (£2.00 each) from our stand throughout the Show (all proceeds go to MIND). The draw will be made on Sunday 21st November.  Full details of how you can become part of The Stitchbook Collective are available on the stand, or on the website. 

Photography: Untangled Threads 

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