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HMB Stitchbooks

"I designed the original stitchbook to give me a safe place to keep all the little bits of hand-sewn 'stitch meditations' which I do, virtually on a daily basis, but which have no 'end result in mind' at the time.  I was particularly pleased with the method of binding which I devised, and the fact that the design allows you to stitch samples into the book WITHOUT affecting the work on the previous page. So the HMB Stitchbook was born." Helen Birmingham

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In the online shop you can find:

  • Stitchbook Pages (packs of 1, 5 or 10)

  • Binding Kits

  • Pre-bound Stitchbooks

  • Stitchbook Accessories


The HMB Stitchbook pages are produced ethically in Pondicherry, India under the registered trademark Bags of Ethics. Untangled Threads are committed to using environmentally friendly and socially ethical suppliers wherever possible.




The pages are designed as small bags or pockets with tabs, so that:

  • a barrier can be placed into the pocket whilst attaching samples, so you aren't stitching through to the other side,

  • the thickness of any samples can easily be accommodated by using appropriately sized spacer beads,

  • pages can be added easily,

  • the A5 size is perfect for daily slow stitch meditation samples, 

  • the book is easily portable (cloth bags and travel tins are available).​

  • HMB Stitchbook design and intellectual property right is covered by unregistered design legislation. Copyright and Design Registration Number pending. 16th July 2019.

  • The design can be copied for personal use ONLY. 


© 2015 by Helen Birmingham

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