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100 Timepieces


Coastival Theme 2019:           Time: past, present and future.


100 Timepieces:                   100 artists will be allocated materials

                                                (tiny envelope containing a ‘watch part’ from an old watchmakers’ supply,                                                                together with one watchface)


Date for Application:            Ongoing until all 100 are allocated.


Date for Submission:           BETWEEN 12th November 2018 and 12th January 2019

Date of Preview:                   Sunday 17th February 2019 (11am - 4pm)

Date of Coastival::                Friday 22nd February - Sunday 24th February 2019 (10am - 5pm)

Exhibition continues:           Thursday 28th February -  Saturday 23rd March (Thur - Sun  11am - 3pm)


Gallery:                                   Untangled Threads Gallery, 5 Belle Vue Parade, Scarborough, YO11 1SU


Catalogue:                             ALL 100 submissions will be photographed and entered into catalogue.

                                                Full colour A5 landscape

                                                Each contributing artist will receive one FREE copy of the catalogue.


Finished Work:                      Can be in any media, 2D or 3D.

                                                Measurements no larger than 12” in any direction.

                                                Should include issued elements, or be inspired by them.

                                                Please make sure that the numbered tag is attached securely to your work,                                                            and includes selling price if applicable. (this should be artist’s price PLUS

                                                20% commission). Your work can also be marked NFS.


Annotation:                           Please include your name and a short description of your piece, which will be

                                                printed in the catalogue alongside a photograph of your work.

                                                NO MORE THAN 50 words.


Sales:                                      Artists should price their own work. The stated price should be artists required                                                      money, PLUS 20% commission taken by Untangled Threads.


Photographs:                        Photographic images of work, taken as part of this project, will be the property

                                                of Helen Birmingham, and may appear in advertising, media, facebook or                                                             twitter, on the website and in the accompanying

                                                catalogue. All work will, however, remain the property of the contributing artist

                                                and any representations of it will be accompanied by the name of the artist.


Application:                           Download the application form from the website.

                                                Complete the form and return it, by post, to Untangled Threads, 5 Belle Vue                                                            Parade, Scarborough, YO11 1SU.

                                                Remember to enclose:

                                                Application form

                                                £10 contribution to costs of project (cash or cheque)

                                                Cheque payable to: Helen Birmingham

                                                Self addressed, stamped A5 envelope


                                                When 100 applications have been received, any further applications will be

                                                returned, together with the £10.


This project is being organised and curated by Helen Birmingham.

Untangled Threads, 5 Belle Vue Parade, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 1SU


© 2015 by Helen Birmingham