Beaded Pebble Pendant

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Beaded Pebble Pendant Workshop

Peyote Stitch Beaded Pebble Pendant

1.00pm - 3.30pm

Wednesday 13th July

Wednesday 19th October

Wednesday 14th December

Sea washed pebbles and ceramics which you can find on the beach are almost irresistable to pick up and bring home. If, like me, you have ever wanted to find a way to wear them, as a piece of jewellery, this is just the workshop for you.


Felt backing is applied to the pebble or ceramic shape, and then Peyote stitch is used to bead a bezel around the edges. You then have a totally UNIQUE and stunning item of jewellery.


This workshop is suitable for beginners.


       This workshop covers:


  • Selection of suitable pebble/ceramic and colour choices of seed beads, or bring your own pebble!


    · Learn Peyote Stitch

    · Learn about bead sizes and shaping 

    · Learn how to make beaded loop

    · Learn how to attach jewellery findings


Maximum of 6 participants per workshop.




Cost: £25 includes all materials and tuition,

PLUS refreshments, all tuition notes, equipment and design resources